Monday, September 29, 2008

What's his name???

Just had a thought, what was the name of that guy who came down from BYU to help the drumline out in practices? He was sort of lurpish...I can't remember his name for the life of ME! Remember, he was the one who dropped some heavy object on Robbie's head while in band practice? Rob had to go and get a ton of stitches and, I believe, the guy never even said he was sorry for the incident.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Memory from September 16, 1990

I figured that I would write about another memory I have. There haven't been as many postings here recently. It seems August was one of the more active months on this blog with a lot of memories, etc. being added to it. I imagine everybody has probably been pretty busy lately with their kids and getting them back in the school routine and what not.

The memory I want to add happened on this very night back in 1990. It was Sunday, September 16th. The night before I had gone to the "Homecoming From Hell" dance. (That is a whole other story that some of you have probably heard me tell over the years.) Anyway, that Sunday evening there was a fireside of sorts over at the Marriott Center. I remember that me and Kyle drove over to it in the old '79 green 'vette I had back then. When we got there we found some of the girls from our group of old friends. We probably had talked to them earlier that day about meeting up with them there. I mainly remember that it was Kate and Jenn, Synthia, Demi, and Julie that were there that night, but maybe there were others also. We all watched the fireside together and then we talked a while there. Afterward we split up to go home. Kyle must have rode home with Kate and Jenn, because I remember that Julie, Synthia, and Demi all rode home with me.

The group in my car all went over to a park that is a bit east of BYU. It was a pleasant and warm late summer/early fall evening, and it felt good to just be out enjoying the night. We hung out at the park for a while and talked and just had a good time. I recall that the girls were playing on the swings and running around the park (probably barefoot) in their Sunday dresses. When we got in my car to leave Julie and Synthia decided to swap dresses for some reason that I don't really know to this day. I must admit that I was a little taken back by the whole thing, but they just took their dresses off and traded right there in the backseat of my car. (If you are wondering, no I didn't watch. I turned my head away while they were changing.)

Anyway, once everybody was alright with what they were wearing we started for home. Like a lot of those nights back then we didn't exactly go right home immediately. I recall that for some reason we even stopped at Smith's in Payson to buy drinks or something. After that I must have started the long loop around of dropping everybody off home by way of West Mountain, Santaquin, and then back to Payson again. It seems that it was fairly late (for a school night anyway) before I finally made it back to my own house. Like many of the nights back then I was probably going to be a bit tired the next day, but it was definitely worth it because I remember it as being a memorable night from a very significant time in my life.