Friday, March 7, 2008


I think today is National Speak Out For Women Day....

Let's face it, one of three women will be sexually abused in her lifetime. They are our friends, our sisters, our aunts, our mothers, our neighbors, ourselves...It does not have to be our daughters.

We CAN make a difference. We can heal, we can find peace.

Love and light to you

Thursday, March 6, 2008

I just wanted to send along this link to an article about ME in the Deseret News....I guess I am an oddity...leaving the big city for the farm and all....,5143,695259128,00.html


Future Get-togethers?

Hey, folks, Doctor Palmer here (it's sort of an honorary title).

Rhett and I got together tonight to have dinner and shoot the . . . talk. It was nice, and you know how it is with Rhett, before long it was midnight and he was going to be really tired tomorrow morning. We talked about life and regrets and the changes that come with years and a lot of good (and bad) memories we've made along the way.

In the end, he suggested we get together when the weather sucks a little less, and go up Payson (or Santaquin) Canyon and build a big bonfire and "dance around it like wild Injuns." Actually, he said, "hang out and look at the stars and talk about old times," but the "wild injuns" line was in a movie and I sometimes can't help myself.

I told him I'd mention it to Brenda and see if she would spread the word, but when I got home, I saw this blog invitation and thought I'd post it here. I really enjoy going up to the canyon the many times we did it over the years, and would dig it if we could do it again. At the very least, I'd probably get another scary story out of it.

What say you?

DLP'08 (sorry about the name; apparently the internet thinks my name is Outfield)

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

OMGosh - I'm a blogger

The Lee Family
Tuesday, March 4, 2008

OMGosh - I'm a blogger
Okay folks, here is the big test: Let's see if I can get this blog thing to actually work. I have to admit, I am terrified as I am not so savvy when it comes to this sort of thing.

So my sister, Afton, and my bro-in-law's wife, Kaisa, are huge bloggers. I have been in complete awe of their posts and never thought I could attempt such a feat, so I am just going to jump in head first...Here is a little bit about me: I am 32, very soon to be 33. I am married to Chris and we are celebrating our 12th anniversary at the end of this month! We have 4 children - Lauren is 13, Trevor is 10, Brandon is 7, and our caboose, Madison, is 6. We live in Santaquin, just down the road from where Chris and Steve originally grew up. Chris works at Neways as the production manager and I work at home for IHC. As soon as it is warm enough, we head to the mountains for hiking, mountain biking, BBQ'ing, and Chris' all time favorite - hunting. We recently made the purchase of a very old camper, so I am very excited to break that baby in and get her up in the mountains!

My favorite sport is volleyball. I have been fortunate enough to play with close family and friends on the women's league in Payson for the past 9 or 10 years (I forget now...seems so long though!) Our original team consisted of: Vona Judd, Jennifer VanAusdal, Afton Lovell, Lori Lee, Merilee Judd, and me. Opps, Synthia played too! Anyway - good times and good friends. The wives really bonded and I felt like it was a crucial part of our circle of friends staying close together. I finally took a break from volleyball 2 years ago after having knee surgery, but when Vona called me again this fall to see if I would play, I jumped at the opportunity.

Hey, let's face it: We are all getting older...why not do what truly brings you happiness and live life to the fullest? Let's live our lives as though looking through a child's eyes...viewing the world at a different angle, being adventurous and silly, laughing, learning, no regrets. I want to surround myself with you, my friends, and my family...the people who truly bring me happiness.

Love to you all...Brenda

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OMGosh - I'm a blogger

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Monday, March 3, 2008

Here's a recent photo of me and my girls...

Hello Friends!

I had such a great time at Chris and Brenda's last night...It was really the right thing for me. I have had such sorrow these last days, and feeling EachOther, sharing our grief, well, it makes it easier to bear!

I say EachOther, for a reason, I belong to the church of are all members with know that quote "Call in a clan, call it a tribe, call it a family, whatever you call it, you need one." I definately need you guys....

Here's the run-down on my life:

Eldon and I have been married 14 years, this July. Time flies....We have four daughters: Eliza is 12, Julia is 10, Chloe is 5, and Emmeline (Emmy) is2.

We moved from the Salt Lake Valley last March, and we love our little farmette in Manti...we have hens and love to gather fresh eggs everyday. We also have ALOT of cats now...we have sort of adopted all the girls are really into horses, and are looking forward to having one of their own soon. When we moved, we made very deliberate steps to simplify our lives...for a whole year we haven't done soccer, music lessons, dance etc...we have just taken time for our family. We bought an old farmhouse on a couple of acres that has a huge shop for Eldon. His hobby of knifemaking has turned into more of a business now, and as much as I love my house, we bought this property because of the shop!
These last two years have been hard for me health wise, but I am getting better, and a little bit stronger everyday...Living with cleaner air, and eating healthy food we can grow ourselves is really helping.

An Invitation

I have been thinking a lot about how life can change so quickly... We have all been living our lives, having children, changing jobs, moving here or there - and yet not realizing that we've lost touch with some of the dearest people in our lives. I thought that this might be a way we could change that. So I invite each of you to use this blog as a way to share what's going on in your lives so that we can all stay close. If you already have a family blog set up please attach the link to this page, but feel free to contribute to this blog as well. If you have a question about creating a post, uploading photos or anything else - let me know! love, Afton

PS Don't be alarmed if the look of the blog changes over time - I am still working on it!