Thursday, March 6, 2008

Future Get-togethers?

Hey, folks, Doctor Palmer here (it's sort of an honorary title).

Rhett and I got together tonight to have dinner and shoot the . . . talk. It was nice, and you know how it is with Rhett, before long it was midnight and he was going to be really tired tomorrow morning. We talked about life and regrets and the changes that come with years and a lot of good (and bad) memories we've made along the way.

In the end, he suggested we get together when the weather sucks a little less, and go up Payson (or Santaquin) Canyon and build a big bonfire and "dance around it like wild Injuns." Actually, he said, "hang out and look at the stars and talk about old times," but the "wild injuns" line was in a movie and I sometimes can't help myself.

I told him I'd mention it to Brenda and see if she would spread the word, but when I got home, I saw this blog invitation and thought I'd post it here. I really enjoy going up to the canyon the many times we did it over the years, and would dig it if we could do it again. At the very least, I'd probably get another scary story out of it.

What say you?

DLP'08 (sorry about the name; apparently the internet thinks my name is Outfield)


Kate said...

I am totally in...but let's not explode any cans of baked beans...that was gross and really hard to wash out of my hair..

I am happy to extend an invitation to all..we have bonfires in our backyard most night in the summer. Manti really isn't *that* far away..

The Lee Family said...

Dr. Palmer - Sounds like a great idea. Count us in.

demi said...

Yes lets. We don't have to wait till summer. Just till the canyon is open.