Thursday, July 31, 2008

What's your favorite memory from the Good Old Day's?

I would like to say that I still read this, but uh, no one EVER posts anything here. So, what can we do to fix that people? So far we've got blogs posts or links to me, Derek, Brenda (finally - you are hooked aren't ya?) and Kate was there for awhile (are you coming back to us?). Where's everyone else?? Don't you know we are all just sitting by our computers WAITING to hear from you?!

What if I gave you an assignment? How about everyone that visits here leaves a favorite memory from the good old days??

I'll start.

Road trip to Cedar City to see Steve Lee's graduation.
I remember cramming into Robbie's bronco, Dennis, you drove too didn't you? Didn't Steve Strong drive his little Toyota truck? I have a memory of following him - his truck tires were screwy or something because it was leaning to one side.
I remember going to eat at Wendy's or something and I sat with Derek and we had an interesting, philosophical discussion. Then there was the dance we all went to. It must have been hot, because I remember being super stinky and sweaty. I didn't pack a change of clothes and that was bad. We crashed at someones sisters house that first night. Was it Kyle Egget's sister?? Not much sleep that night, but it was fun. We were supposed to go home the next day but we didn't. We all called from some pay phone to beg our parents to let us stay another day - the girls did anyway. You boys had no restrictions I guess.
Anyway we hung out at the Lee's - consuming pack after pack of bubblicious bubble gum. Remember double, triple bubbles and bubble kisses? We played spoons and a few other games. Carol Lee made sure that the boys and girls were separated when it was time for bed (dang!). On the ride home Robbie stopped to help a guy who was broken down on the side of the road. We took him all the way to Nephi and then back again to his car. Jeff Kretchmer was with us and I think he figured out what was wrong with the guys car and fixed it.
I know my details are sketchy - sorry! But that was one of the funnest times ever!!


Brenda Lee said...

Ha ha. Yes, it WAS Kyle Eggett's sister. She provided the "half-way house for drunken-fool high school students" or something like that. That was a great trip. Chris and Steve worked for the neighbor who worked for the candy company. We ate gobs of gum/lifesavers 24/7. Carol was about 8 months pregnant with the way, she just turned 17! Time flies, eh?

Rhett said...

I didn't end up going on that trip because I was working. Looking back I always wish that I would have tried harder to get the weekend off because we never really went on a Senior trip, and that was about the closest opportunity to one that we had. I have heard a lot of stories about that weekend from several people over the years, and I always wondered how it would have went if I had went. Oh well, I guess we all have our own regrets and our own "what ifs" from years ago. I will have to try to think of my favorite memory with everybody from those years.

Rish Outfield said...

That was a good trip. Dennis and I came home from the Senior overnight graduation party (or whatever they called it), and I was just going to go to bed, since I barely knew Steve Lee at the time. But either Dennis convinced me, or I didn't want to be that little boy running after his mom crying 'cause she went to the store without him, so I came along.

And it really was a good time. I remember that dance being, without a doubt, the most fun dance I ever went to. I hope everyone enjoyed it as much as I did.

The everybody-camps-out-on-the-floor thing was a unique experience for me (and still is, I guess), and I must've been too sleepy to notice, 'cause I don't remember the girls having to be separated at all.

I used to keep a fairly detailed journal in those days. It would be interesting to see what I thought about it at the time . . . though I'm sure some of it would be cringe-worthy.


The Lovell's said...

I wish I had kept a better journal back then. I wrote so sporadically and mostly about my current crush(es) so I'm sure NOBODY would want to read it anyway.

I would be interested to hear what you remembered/wrote in your journal Derek -