Saturday, October 18, 2008

Who Is Your Celebrity Equal?

Rhett and Derek and I played this game a couple years ago via was pretty darn fun. I thought I would start it on our little friend blog...There are no rules to this game, except please, be nice (this means no-one can say my celebrity equal is Delta Burke! No one wants to think that they look like the fat Designing Woman!)

All you do is post who you think is one of the gang's celebrity look alike.

I'll start.

Derek: Hugh Grant

Rhett: Sting

Synthia: Melina Karakaklalalalkalas....That girl on Providence

Brenda: Darryl Hannah

Now it's your turn...come on guys. Chime in.

It's fun.

Really, humor me...I have no life. I am tethered to an IV pole and have been for 13 weeks!

Love and light to you all,



Rhett said...

I found the list that I sent to Kate and Derek a couple of years ago. It is not a totally complete and finished list, so I will still need to work on it a little.

myself - Christopher Lambert (most of you probably know that I am a big Highlander fan)
Kate - Jodie Foster
Derek - Stephen King
Kyle - Flea
Afton - Nicole Kidman
Brenda - Scarlett Johansson
Synthia - Sheryl Crow
Demi - Cate Blanchett
Dennis - John Stockton (this is because both of them were willing to, and frequently did, take one for the team quietly)

Kate said...

Oh, Rhett, I forgot how good you were at this game....
Put it up as a post, some people don't read comments.

Brenda Lee said...

I love this game!

Here is my list:

Rhett - Larry Wilcox - Baker
Derek - Steve Carell
Kyle - Craig Sheffer
Kate - Jodie Foster, again!
Afton - Lindsey Lohan
Synthia - Sarah Jessica Parker
Demi - Kirsten Dunst
Dennis - Dennis Quaid
Robbie - Toby Maguire

Kate said...

I am going to have to google a few names...boy, I feel like I am old and in the the dark...who is Larry Wilcox-Baker?

Kate said...

I am going to have to google a few names...boy, I feel like I am old and in the the dark...who is Larry Wilcox-Baker?

Brenda Lee said...

Kate - CHiPS! You know, Ponch and Baker? LOL. My favorite show growing up, besides Dukes of Hazzard.

Demi said...

Well I will take that as a compliment. Maybe not true, I don't know if I resemble Cate Blanchet or Kirsten Dunst but it is cool none the less.

Rish Outfield said...

You guys really got into this. Normally, I would too, but I can't really think of any actors/celebries for any of you.

Seems like I saw a girl who reminded me of Brenda in a flick the other day. But hey, it was a REALLY dirty movie.

I'll keep thinking.

Rhett said...

I have come up with a few more people to add to my list.

Alicia - Winona Ryder
Julie - Charlize Theron
Steve Lee - Seth Meyers
Chris Walker - Hugh Jackman
Jenn Anderson - Renée Zellweger
Snipper - Kirsten Dunst