Sunday, July 19, 2009


Hey everybody, I just wanted to take a minute and wish congratulations to Dennis and Jill who were married last week in the Draper Temple on 07/08/09. (I believe one of Dennis's kids told them that would be a memorable anniversary date and that is why they picked it.)

Alicia and I went and saw them get married. Steve and Lori also were able to go see that, but they headed out immediately following the ceremony because they were driving back to California and needed to be there by that night. A little later we went to the wedding luncheon, and Derek and Demi also were able to make it to that. We all had a fun time hanging out and talking there. The main thing that stood out to me throughout the day was how genuinely happy and relieved that Dennis and Jill seemed together. We all know what Dennis has been through the last couple of years, and Jill has also had her own personal difficult times. What a blessing it is that they were able to find each other after all of that, and we wish them happiness and success in their new family together.

We will have to try for another get-together with everybody before the summer's end, so if you are interested let me know when potentially would be a good time for that. I know that last year Labor Day weekend worked out pretty well for most people, so that could be a possibility if people are planning to be around the area then. Anyway, stay in touch and I hope you are all doing well.