Monday, August 18, 2008

A 50/20 memory...1989-90?

I have many memories, but reading Synth's post sparked a memory of her that I want to share:
In 9th grade, I walked the 50/20 (the only year I ever FINISHED!). I don't remember who I started walking with; they eventually quit and I ended up tagging along with Jill Kent and Cami Burton. By about Goshen, Chris Walker caught up to me and, of course, wouldn't hear of me quitting. Throughout the night, Synth and her brothers drove by, bringing me new shoes, giving us water, etc. Around the point of the mountain that early morning, Julie walked briefly with me past the fields with the new baby lambs. By the time we reached Synth's house, Synth had cooked us a big breakfast of eggs and bacon, probably pancakes. I was so dehydrated, the smell was nauseating. I remember Chris digging into a huge plate of food and I couldn't figure out how he could stomach it? I continued to walk. Synth appeared...I was so sick and in physical pain...she carried me, literally cradled me in her arms. I used that memory in a talk I had in sacrement many years good friends will lift and carry you through your darkest hours, giving you the strength to keep going. I bawled and bawled as I recalled that moment...the symbolism was incredibly powerful.


Rhett said...

That's a great memory you wrote about. I remember hearing stories about that year's 50/20 from different people. I remember that very weekend quite vividly, but I didn't go on the big walk myself. Me and Doran Christensen drove out around Goshen that Friday night to see if we saw anybody we knew walking out there. We saw people walking along that road, but it was nobody we knew. I heard stories from some of you guys that did do the walk that night, but the main people I remember hearing about was Chris, you, Julie, and Synthia. From the stuff I heard I could tell that it was a significant and memorable night between you friends, and it is actually one of the times from the old days that I wish I had been a part of when looking back.

The Meredith's said...

Wow Brenda! It is so strange to hear a story that you have totally forgotten, and then have it come back to you as you read it.
I can think of a million times you were a wonderful friend to me! Thanks for the memory. That really touched my heart. I love you!

Kate said...

Synthia and I were close. Best friends for alot of the time, although I was close to Demi, Julie, and both Afton and Brenda, too. Synthia and I were close.
I remember many times that Synthia "carried" me. Not only was she in great physical shape and really strong, but she was emotionally strong too. Still is, I am sure.