Friday, August 15, 2008

I think I am posting this on the right site.  I guess I will see when I post it.  I love reading what you all wrote.  As for memories, I can't believe you all remember the details so well.  I have never been very detail oriented.  I am still working on that. 

I would say that camping while singing "Cecilia" and finding the"fountain of youth" certainly was one of my favorite memories. I also loved going out to Red Bridge at any time of day.  I liked playing broom hockey at the church in Spring Lake.  I liked hanging out at each of your houses, singing at Kate's and Jen's or Afton and Brenda's, fishing a Judd's, sitting in the window at Steve, Chris and Ben's house, sitting around trying to decide what to do...  I could go on forever.  It was definitely a fun time of life.  It is crazy that some of our kids are getting there.  Weird, huh?
Well, I need to get Celeste to bed.  Thanks for letting me post.  Oh, really quick.  For a talk in church once I used the story of hiking up to the "fountain of youth" at night.  It got dark on us and we couldn't see anything so we linked arms so that nobody would fall off of a cliff that they couldn't see.  That was a cool memory.


Rhett said...

What was the "Fountain Of Youth"? It sounds interesting, but I must have missed that one.

Brenda Lee said...

Fountain of youth? My memory is pretty cruddy these days...Synth, tell a little bit more about it. Hopefully it will spark my memory...

The Lovell's said...

Wasn't this the waterfall up Santaquin canyon?

I think this was the time we camped out at that place that has the bridge. We hiked up the road a ways and found this little trickle of water that we followed up the mountain. The little trickle turned into a stream, into a creek and so on. When we reached the top (or as far as we could go) we found the source was this gorgeous waterfall! It was still early enough in the spring/summer that there was a glacier still melting under it. I remember Synthia standing in the freezing water but proclaiming how great it felt!!

Anyway, we hiked back there a couple of different times. On one of the trips it got dark a lot faster than we could make it back down. We all linked up arms and clawed and hacked our way out of there (big guy friends were in the front making a path for us -I think it was Chris Walker, maybe Kyle or Dennis or Rhett).

Is this the fountain of youth you were talking about Synth?