Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hike up Timp

Here are some photo's from our famous hike up the backside of Timp. Whose idea was that anyway? I think we went on this hike about a week or so before Dennis left on his mission. We got up early (like, 5am) and drove up Provo canyon to... (searching my memory) Aspen Grove? I remember being pretty excited about the hike. Probably because I didn't know what we were in for.

All smiles starting out.

Demi, Synthia, Kate, Derek, and Dennis. (Afton taking the picture)

Not too far up the trail was this beautiful waterfall. This was when we were still smiling and laughing - hiking is so much fun!!!

Kate, didn't you slip and fall here and pass out or something? Isn't that why you look so spacey in this photo?

Did anyone know how HUGE of a hike this really would be? I remember looking back down the trail that we had come up - all the switch backs - then looking up to where we still had to go and thinking we'd never make it. And then those two ranger chicks that just clicked on past us like we were standing still. AMAZON WOMEN. I wanted to be like them...

We finally made it up to ... (ugh, my memory sucks!) Emerald Lake?? Crystal Lake?? Anyway, the place where we stopped. Finally. And drank the last of our water and went to the bathroom (yes behind a bush) and contemplated just how much more we wanted to endure.

At the top. Sort of.

So we called it good at this spot. Congratulated ourselves and began our descent. I can't quite recall now when I started hatin it. All I remember is that I was wearing hiking boots that I THOUGHT would be perfect for the trip. But they turned out to be like LEAD weights that had RAZOR BLADES sewn into the heels and toes. Every. Step. Was. AGONIZING. You would think that coming back down would be a cinch. An easy task compared to what we had just put ourselves through. No sirree. This was almost worse. Almost.

-This is the part in the story where I weave in some really good thoughts about perspective and what going on this hike meant symbolically on the road of life... But this post has taken too long already, I'm typing with one hand while I hold my sleeping baby, and I really gotta go to the bathroom so here's all the wisdom I can come up with-

Downhill ain't all it's cracked up to be.


Kate said...

Yes,that would be the spot I fell....I have so many memories of that hake...some G rated...some not....something having to do with Synthia, a feminine hygiene product and ALOT of pine gum....

Afton...I remember those boots! Where did they come from? They weighed like 13 pounds each!!


The Lovell's said...

Hah! I thought I would be the only one who remembered some of those things!

Brenda Lee said...

Where was I??? I thought I was at basic training, but apparently you hiked it in 1992(?) I have always been sad that I missed that trek with you guys. I would love to take the challange someday...maybe with everybody?? Are we too old??? :)

Rish Outfield said...

I believe that Katie had her famous plunge literally seconds after that first waterfall picture was taken.

She fell so hard that Dennis and I were sure a helicopter would have to come for her, but she was stunned for a moment, quiet for a while, and then seemed alright to continue the uphill climb. I guess that's why women have the babies and we men . . .

Well, I guess we wince and look the other way.