Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Boingo concert 1990

Reading Brenda's recount of 1990's 50/20 sparked a memory with me that I thought I would write about. I think this was probably the very next weekend. Oingo Boingo was coming to play an outdoor concert in Park City on May 26, 1990. It was going to be a couple days after school got out for the summer. A few of us guys decided we wanted to go, including Chris Walker. He would have just graduated.
When the evening came Chris drove us all there in their family's van, and I always thought it was cool that he offered to do that. It was me, Chris, Kyle, and our other friends Jim and Brian that went. We drove up to the concert in Park City, and I remember it being a cool and clear early summer night with the fresh mountain air. I had only been to smaller venue concerts until that night. It ended up being a bit of an eye opener. The Red Hot Chili Peppers were one of the opening bands. While they were playing I remember every so often you would see girls fly clear up in the air above the crowd because people would hold a blanket tight and use it as a sort of trampoline to throw somebody and then catch them. (I also remember a couple going at it under a blanket right there on the hill. I guess you see it all at concerts.) That night there was also some dumb-ass standing by us on the hill that was mouthing off, but I knew that with Kyle and Chris there we were well backed up by good friends if he had tried to start anything.
Anyway, Boingo started playing with the sounds of the horns on Dead Man's Party right as it was starting to get dark. They ended up playing for around three hours that night, and it was an incredible concert with the combination of the music and the mountain air setting. That night really added to me becoming such a fan of Oingo Boingo. After the concert we drove down to Salt Lake to get something to eat, and then KJQ played Boingo music on the radio the rest of the drive home.
I know that this whole experience probably don't sound too life changing, but to me it was such a great night that it was a highlight for me in that time of my life. We were young and felt truly alive and free, and we were all at our best back then.


Kate said...

AAHH...the Boingo concert. I loved that night. I remember wearing and sleeping with my concert t-shirt for about 6 years...sometimes when I hear that song...that slower song...what's it's name!!! Anyhow I will hear it and cry...just because it makes me remember good times. I know, I am sentimental and a bit ridiculous. Humor me.

What's that song?!?! It is on Dead Man's Party...

Rish Outfield said...

You're probably referring to "Stay." It was on "Dead Man's Party" and most of us really liked that track.

Last time I think I ever sang it was at Dennis's wedding.