Monday, August 18, 2008

A "Keyan" memory...Labor Day, 1989

At our most recent gatherings, I have appreciated Dennis, Derek, and Rhett's fond memories of Keyan Riley - "The man whose flatus smells like roses..."

(yes...I said it!)

This memory goes back to 1989. After we marched the Payson Onion Day's parade, apparently, it was Keyan's birthday or close to it. The girls had planned a picnic lunch/hike up to the Grotto with Keyan, to celebrate his bday. I say girls, but I only remember Afton and Marianne - I am sure Synthia was there, Kate? Anyway, back then, the trail was horrible and very steep in some places. We lugged this big ol' heavy cooler up the trail. My memory is a little fuzzy here, but I think Keyan actually rode on TOP of the cooler as we carried it, with Marianne leading the way, throwing rose petals onto the ground (heheh...sorry - in the spirit of fun, I threw that in for my boys - Rhett, Dennis, and Derek - Cheers!). So yes, a crazy hike to the Grotto. Once there, I believe it was quite flooded, unexpectedly. We ate; it was quaint. I think Marianne got hurt somehow? Somebody did. Anyhow, they have since made the trail leading up to the Grotto an easy one, traversing the stream with log planks and such. To this day, when I hike up to the Grotto, I am reminded of this memory.


Brenda Lee said...

DISCLAIMER: No cruelty to animals or disrespect for religious, racial, social, asocial, sexual or asexual minorities was ever intended (by anyone).

Rish Outfield said...

You're right, Marianne was hurt.

But Keyan healed her, with only a smile.


Kate said...

No, it was me that was hurt...someone held a branch back and let it go in my face...I think it was marianne. Anyhow I got a nose bleed. And I think I fell...I am seeing a pattern. Maybe I shouldn't have hike. I always got hurt. I don't usually fall when I hike now.